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October 10, 2012
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You came to me with scars on your wrist,

You told me this would be the last night feeling like this,

"You little whore!" Your mother screamed as she threw a glass at you, which you narrowly dodged. "Get out!"

 Choking back a sob, you snatched your jacket and flew out the door, slamming it harshly behind you. Tears blurred your vision as you ran mindlessly through the street, though it didn't hurt as much as it used to; your heart had been shattered so many times you didn't really feel it anymore.

 Slowing your pace, you looked up at the familier, brightly lit house in front of you. A shaky smile plastered to your bruised face, you gently knocked on his door. The door flew open and you came face-to-face with a grinning blond American. "Hey, du-!" But his voice faltered as he looked at you closer.

 Bruises and scratch marks tainted your face, one of your eyes swollen shut. "What-What happened to you?"

 "Oh, you know......" You let out a chocked laugh. "The usual. Mom got kinda pissy......."

I just came to say goodbye,

Didn't want you to see me cry,

I'm fine,

You were smiling as brightly as you could manage, but on the inside you were sobbing.

 You were so sick of life, you just wanted it to end. And end it would. But, before you left this god forsaken world, you wanted to say goodbye to the only person you really cared about: Alfred F. Jones. You couldn't leave without biding him farewell. "A-Alfred. I'm- I'm leaving."

 The blond raised his eyebrows. "For how long?"

 ".........Forever........." You whispered, your voice starting to crack. With that, you spun on your heels and ran away, tears threatening to burst free again.

 But, much to your surprise, you felt a gloved hand wrap around your wrist.

This is the last night you'll be alone,

Look me in the eyes so I know you know,

I'm everywhere you need me to be,

Those words you told him chilled Alfred to the bone. It took him a second to process what you said, but when it sank in, he was horrified.

 No! No, you couldn't leave him!

He raced after your retreating figure, a look of solid determination on his face. He loved you so much, he wouldn't let you get away that easily! You spun around to face him when he grabbed your wrist, and the look in your eyes, quite frankly, scared him.

 All he could see was pain.



Determination equal to his own.

 "_____." He whispered, grabbing your shoulders roughly. "I-I won't let you go." Tears began to spill out of the American's eyes. "I WON'T LET YOU LEAVE ME!"

This is the last night you'll be alone,

I hold you in my arms and I won't let go,

I'll be everything you need me to be,

"W-Why?" You stuttered. You weren't used to it; love, I mean. Your mother hated you and everyone else didn't see you as anything more than the dirt underneath their feet. So, to hear Alfred say such things......You weren't sure what to say, to be honest.

 Turns out you didn't have to say anything; he grabbed your chin and swiftly pressed his lips to yours, pulling away just as quickly; leaving you utterly stunned. He wrapped his arms around you, pulling you closer. "You're not alone, _____." He whispered gently.

 You burried your face in his bomber jacket. Never had you felt this way, so relieved, so happy.

 So free.

 "Thank you, Alfred." You whispered, your eyes fluttering shut. "Thank you so much."

The last night,

Away from me,




I've been writing way too many angst stories lately........Note to self: Write a story so fluffy it's disgusting.
Anyhow, the song is The Last Night by Skillet.

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I really do luv u! U write skillet songfics and I LUV skillet!! U sir r amazing....
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This is beautiful! 
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that was so sad ;_; and yet so beautiful. I love how you used The Last Night by Skillet, to craft the story. Beautiful, well done :epicclapplz:
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that was a fail i shall try again :iconepicclapplz:
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I'm blushing, and holding back tears at the same time. Beautiful, just beautiful.
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