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October 4, 2012
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9 hours, 57 minutes, and 4 seconds.

That was how long the platinum blonde had been sitting against the wall, living in his thoughts, a bottle of vodka held loosely in his hand. He'd first gotten into the alcoholic drink when he found out it was big sister Russia's favorite. She had been his obsession at the time, and thus, he'd done whatever he could to forge a connection with her.

 Of course, she wasn't his obsession now, but his addiction to vodka wasn't going to fade away anytime soon. And the fact that he couldn't stop thinking about you certainly wasn't helping. His chest tightened as he thought about you.

 You were his current obsession, and the reason why he was drunk on his ass.

Ironically, it was because of his old obsession that he met you.

Several days ago.......

Belarus silently sharpened his knife, his eyes narrowed into dangerous slits. He'd heard from Lithuania that big sister Russia was coming home from the world meeting- and was bringing another girl with her.

Well, Belarus certainly didn't like that one bit. He was the jealous type, to say the least, and he hated it when other people were around his big sister. It didn't matter if it was a boy or a girl, Belarus would make sure he/she would meet his/her painful demise- by his own hand. Or his knife, if you wanted to get technical.

He heard the front door open and demonic hatred twisted the platinum blond's normally handsome features. He stuffed the knife in one of his large pockets and stalked over to the door. Standing there was his beautiful older sister, Russia, and you- although, he would admit, you were rather pretty as well.

A look of fear crossed his big sister's face. "H-Hello, little brother Belarus."

The Belarusian didn't bother with formalities, nor did he care that you were standing there- he was going to ask, dammit! "Marry me, big sister." He grabbed her shoulders roughly, leaving purple bruises.

The Russian shook her head, angering the already pissed of Belarusian. "Marry me!"

 "That's enough!" You said roughly, crossing your arms over your chest, your eyes narrowed. "What the hell is wrong with you?!" You heard about this guy from Russia-Chan, and you found what he was doing ridiculous.

 The platinum blond turned to look at you, but instead of receiving the poisonous look you'd expected to get, you got a look of surprise. Belarus wasn't used to anyone telling him things like that; everyone was terrified of what he might do if they did. Not even his strong big sister dared to fight him and treated him with upmost respect and fear. Yet you had the nerve to stand tall and tell him off.

The platinum blond wasn't sure if he should be impressed or pissed.

 You pushed him away from Russia, then grabbed her hand. "C'mon, Russia-Chan! Let's go talk somewhere else." You shot the platinum blond a glare before leaving, pulling the relieved Russian behind you.

The Belarusian watched your retreating figure, a twisted smile gracing his terrifying features. You were certainly strong, and he liked that.

 He liked that a lot.


You had become his new obsession. He didn't try anything at first, he just watched you for a whole. The more he saw you, the more he became fascinated. You were a rather serious, no nonsense person, yet when you smiled you looked so innocent. He wanted that smile, wanted it to be his and his alone.

 As with his previous obsession, he was becoming more and more possessive. He tried to keep you away from his big sister, and he could tell it was irritating you. "Belarus, stop it!"

 He looked at you, trying to appear bored and rather uninterested in the current topic, whatever it was. "What are you talking about?"

You narrowed your eyes. "Don't give me that bullshit. I'm not stupid, I've noticed you trying to keep me away from Russia-Chan. Look, I know you've got this obsessed crush on her, but it's starting to get ridiculous."

 The effect your words had were pretty unexpected; before you could blink, the Belarusian slammed you against the wall, causing you to wince. He held both of your hands over your head and slid a foot between your legs, leaving you completely helpless. An unearthly silence filled the room as he became aware of your heart beating louder and faster.

 He moved his mouth to your ear. "You just don't get it, do you?" You shivered; his breath was ice cold. He whispered two words that would haunt you forever.

 "Marry me."


Ten hours. It had just hit the ten hour mark. He'd been sitting here for ten fucking hours, getting drunk.

 Of course, he could have recalled more, but he didn't need to; he knew damn well what happened from there.

You left.

 But, really, what did he expect? Like big sister Russia, you didn't really understand the depths of his passion. Unlike big sister, however, he had no idea where you lived; he didn't even know what country you were from. That, of course, could be easily changed with a threat of his knife and the cowardice of Lithuania.

 Well, he certainly wasn't going to let you go; you were his current obsession, after all. It didn't really matter if you loved him back or not. An insane giggle escaping his lips, he threw the vodka bottle at the ground, causing it to shatter.

It didn't matter one bit.


I've been writing for America and England a bit too much, so I thought I'd try doing a few other countries. But this......this was such a fail. :iconfailureplz:

COMMENT! ........Please?
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