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October 7, 2012
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"Where is she?!" The platinum blond screamed, violently slamming the terrified brunette against the cold, stone wall and pressing the metal blade dangerously close to his neck.

 Lithuania's deep blue eyes widened in fright at the look of absolute insanity on Belarus's face. It vaugly reminded him of the look Belarus used to have whenever he was around his big sister, Russia. Only this look was much more terrifying.

 Lithuania didn't want to betray you and tell Belarus where you lived, but he also wanted to survive; the Lithuanian knew perfectly well that Belarus wouldn't hesitate to slit his throat, nor would he mind have Lithuania's blood on his hands. And Lithuania certainly didn't want to die anytime soon.

 Lithuania wasn't what one would call a strong soul and it probably wouldn't take more than a single slice to get him to spill his guts. "A-America." He whispered, his eyes refusing to meet Belarus's. "In New York. She's staying with him for now."

 The flicker of a victorious smile played on the platinum blond's lips. That was all he needed to know. Stowing the blade back in the pocket of his heavy winter coat, he turned on his heels and walked away, leaving a trembling Lithuania behind him.

 The brunette slowly slid down the wall, hitting the stone floor softly as silent tears streaked down his cheeks.

What had he done?



You let a quiet sigh escape you lips as you silently looked out the window in the guest room of America's house. The artifical light from many cars looked so small as they passed by, almost like tiny, glowing ants. Which was all fine and good to look at, but.........You rather missed Russia-Chan's house. It was quiet there, peacefull.

 And you'd still be there if it weren't for Russia's stupid younger brother, Belarus. Russia wasn't lying when she said Belarus was scary. Not to mention the fact that he now had a scary, stalker crush on you. Which, of course, was the reason you left; you just couldn't deal with that psycho.

 With another sigh, you plopped down on the bed and stared at the ceiling. It was then that things started to get creepy. You heard someone lightly rap their knuckle against the door. "Who is it?" You asked dully.

No reply.

 Whoever it was started jiggling the doornob. "Can-Can I help you?" You asked nervously. The silence was staring to get a bit creepy.

There was still no reply. Soon there was loud banging on the door. You were officially done with this guy! "Go aw-!"

 Suddenly, the door flew off its hinges, hitting the ground with a loud slam. A high pitched scream of surprise escaped your lips. This guy broke the fucking door down!

You swiftly looked up at the maniac who did this and gasped sharply; Belarus! The platinum blond watched you silently, his deep violet eyes shinning maliciously. Then a violent smile began playing on his lips. "Hello, ____." He said plesantly, taking agonizingly slow steps toward you. "The door that was keeping up apart is gone now. Isn't that nice? Now then........"

He suddenly lunged at you, pinning you two the bed and making sure he was on top as he leaned his face closer to yours. "Marry me."

 Your voice paralized by fear, all you could do was shake your head. You gasped when you felt a cold metal blade pressed against your neck. The platinum blond kissed your cheek before whispering. "Marry me, marry me, marry me......."

 You somehow found the strength to speak again. "Wh-Wh-Why? D-Didn't you have a huge crush on Russia?"

"I did." He replied lightly as he began to plant kisses on your neck. "But it's your fault that I don't anymore. You're too strong for your own good, it's what got me obsessed. And now that I have you again, there's no way I'm willing to let you go. You'll be with me, I'll make sure of it." He smirked against the soft skin of your neck.


I honestly can't believe I wrote a part two for this............Though I regret nothing. :iconhurhurplz:

Part one: [link]

Part three: [link]

Part Four: [link]
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I assume that all that rejection from Russia has forced him to explode all over the reader, misdirecting his affections and so quickly is oddly disturbing. But I rather like it. (in a story based setting at least, the real thing is not something to take lightly)
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